Uniform Policy

St. Joseph’s Catholic School is committed to provide a positive environment conducive to learning!  We provide this atmosphere to our students by implementing our Official School Uniform and Mass Uniform.  This requirement benefits students and families in the following ways:

  • Supports an environment of high academic and behavior achievements.
  • Creates an atmosphere of unity for students.
  • Focuses on learning.
  • Students can express themselves through other mediums of creativity rather than their clothing.
  • Mornings made easy!


Tips for success:

• Official School Uniform

- Required everyday

- Exceptions:

    - First Friday Mass and other special liturgical celebrations

    - Fun Run dress days

    - Non-uniform dress days

• Official Mass Uniform

- Required for First Friday Mass and other special liturgical celebrations

• The student’s dress and appearance should always reflect neatness, cleanliness and modesty.

• Parents are expected to understand, support and enforce the uniform policy.

• Label clothing with student’s name, especially fleece jackets and sweaters.

• Shorts are worn from August to October 31st and April 1st to June.

• Official SJS fleeces, sweaters, cardigans, sweater vests, plaid jumpers, plaid skirts, and ties
        are only available from Land’s End (school number 900055484)


Non-uniform dress days

Non-uniform dress days are designated days students are allowed to wear clothing other than the official school uniform.  The expectation is that clothing is clean and in good condition with no rips, tears or holes.  For any days designated with a theme, students may choose to participate or wear the official school uniform.


Fun Run Dress

Fun Run dress days are on Mondays.  Students may wear their current year Fun T-shirt every Monday with jeans (or jean shorts until Oct 31st and after April 1st).  No tight fitting jeans or jeggings are allowed.


Physical Education

Students in 5th through 8th grade are required to dress down for P.E.  The dress code for these students is any year SJS shirt or SJS spirit wear with black shorts/sweatpants.  Students in K-4th grade will wear their official school uniform to P.E.  Tennis shoes are required for all students on P.E. days.



If students are not in uniform or wearing their uniform correctly, parents will receive a phone call to bring a change of clothing.  All final questions on dress code and appearance are left to the discretion of the school principal.



 (school number 900055484)

Official School and Mass Uniform (download)

Blessed on First Uniform Supplies - Pricing List