"St. Joseph's Catholic School has a proud tradition over more than 50 years of strong academic performance and spiritual development. The staff and community genuinely care about our children, and push them to always be their best both academically and socially. In the world we live in, it is wonderful that a place exists that models compassion, faith, and love during our kids' daily activities. The school continues to produce students who reflect the outstanding academics and faith values centered around Christ."

- Patrick and Catherine Valdez



"We have had kids at St. Joseph’s Catholic School for 15 years.  All three of them began with two years of pre-school.  When I asked them what they liked most, they each had the same response…”It feels like home, like family. I’m comfortable there.”  That is also what we like most.  It is comforting to know that everyone, staff and other parents are watching out for our children and us theirs. Not only are they taught to cherish their faith, but they are allowed to show it and trust in each other."

- Patrick and Doreen Jilek



"We choose to send our children to St. Joseph’s Catholic School because it is a wonderful community of caring, like-minded people who share our faith and values. We feel it is an important long term investment in our children’s future to be in a learning environment where faith is the center, expectations are high and there is emphasis on formation of the whole child."

- Justin and Angela Baerlocher



"The feeling that your children are being educated by excellent teachers as well as knowing their classmates and their classmates’ families is invaluable. It is an indescribable feeling to know that the school in which our children spend so much of their time is not only doing a great job of helping their minds to grow, but it is also helping us mold them into strong Christian citizens of the world.  I thank the St. Joseph’s Catholic School community for that."

- Mike and April Duran



"I love St. Joseph’s Catholic School and more importantly our children love it!  Like any parents, our main concern is that our children flourish both intellectually and emotionally. Since our children have attended SJS we have seen continued progress in both areas. It is very reassuring to know that our children are getting an education that is second to none, but it is almost more satisfying to know that they are also helping our children become the best people that they can be."

- Rod and Catherine Harkins



"St. Joseph’s Catholic School has been like family to us. My husband and his siblings attended school here and when we moved back to Kennewick, we knew we would send our children to school at SJS. I fully credit the Middle School staff with helping my oldest daughter to learn strong study skills which benefitted her greatly during high school. She graduated with Honors as a member of the National Honor Society with a 3.8 GPA. She has also continued in service to her community in the same way she was taught at St. Joseph’s Catholic School. We truly appreciate what this school has done for her. Our middle child has fostered deep friendships here since Kindergarten. She also enjoys being part of a sports program that gives each student an opportunity to excel. Our youngest loves SJS, too! We are truly blessed to be here!."

- Craig and Sierra Lawrence




"St. Joseph’s Catholic School isn’t just about excellence in academics. It’s being free to live, learn and grow in our Catholic faith, in order to fully become all God calls us to be. We are confident that in taking these steps towards providing a “complete” education, aimed at developing  strong  intellectual, ethical and spiritual leaders, we are making a difference not only in the lives of our children but also in our world in which we live- and in the life to come."

- Kent & Kori Harrison