School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is made up of eight to twelve members, nominated by the Council from a nomination slate of parish and school community members. Recommendations for School Advisory Council members are solicited by the council from various leadership groups within the school community.


The Council is a "consultative body" that advises the principal and pastor on policy and administrative issues that affect the school. Council members have a unique role in helping to shape the discussion of topics for the school community, with a special care for the school policies, school budgets and overall vision and direction of St. Joseph’s Catholic School. School advisory council members serve an important role as communicators to the school community and also as a sounding board to welcome ideas and comments from staff and parents.


The general duties and responsibilities of the council include: evaluating school goals and vision, developing a five year growth plan for the school, assessing school needs, reviewing and adopting of school policies, and to review and monitor the school’s financial plan and budget.


Additional information can be found in the SAC bylaws.


The School Advisory Council meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month.


2018-2019 Council Members

• Michele Farthing, Chair

• Lisa Heising, Vice Chair

• Crystal MacRoberts, Secretary

• Justin Baerlocher

• Kori Harrison

• Pablo Nicacio

• Theresa Krucshke

• Marcus Muzatko

• Patrick Valdez


"We choose to send our children to St. Joseph's Catholic School because it is a wonderful community of caring, like-minded people who share our faith and values. We feel it is an important long term investment in our children's future to be in a learning environment where faith is the center, expectations are high, and there is emphasis on the formation of the whole child."

-Justin and Angela Baerlocher

SAC Meeting Minutes

August 2017

September 2017