Montessori Preschool

Montessori Preschool staff believes in the education of the whole child. We feel that each area of his/her development is of equal importance. We offer each child a stimulating environment where intellectual, social-emotional, spiritual and physical growth is nurtured through an integrated curriculum presented by caring adults.

Children in Montessori Preschool will develop:

  • A love of God
  • Learning through discovery
  • Independence
  • Self-control
  • A joy of learning and love of order
  • Concentration
  • An attachment to reality
  • An ability to choose
  • An enjoyment of quiet

Our Montessori Preschool classrooms include a full range of materials to enhance child development.  Classrooms are carefully arranged to allow easy access to a variety of learning experiences.  Materials which are creative and stimulating are placed on shelves in an orderly manner, patiently awaiting each child’s developing interest, to engage in the following areas of learning.


Snack Calendars

  • 1. Practical Life Exercises are satisfying and help build:

    • Concentration

    • Small and Large muscle development

    • Social relations

    • Love of Order

  • 2. Sensorial Materials help children use their senses to define:

    • Visual and tactile discrimination

    • Color and shape

    • Weight

    • Sound, smell and taste

  • 3. Art Materials in the classroom allow children to explore and express ideas
        through various forms of media.

    • Paints

    • Scissor cutting and gluing

    • Crayons, markers and colored pencils

    • Playdough

    • Stamping

  • 4. Language Materials focus on:

    • Sounds and letter recognition

    • Patterning and sequencing

    • Beginning, middle and end word sounds

    • Phonetic learning

  • 5. Math Materials help build:

    • Number recognition, counting skills and number formation

    • Classifying and sorting skills

    • Simple addition and subtraction

    • Introduction to decimal system

  • 6. In the Geography Area children will learn about:

    • Our world and landforms

    • Globes and puzzle maps

    • Cultural geography

  • 7. Science Materials assist in exploring:

    • Magnetic and non-magnetic

    • States of matter

    • Botany and living science

    • Incubation of chick eggs

  • 8. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

    • Infancy Narratives

    • Art

    • Altar Work

    • Paschal Mysteries

    • Baptism

    • Practical Life

    • Messianic

    • Biblical Geography

    • Kingdom of God Mysteries

    • Eucharist

The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a program that, along with Montessori methods, teaches children about Jesus and the love he has for us all.  Children will be guided through the program by a qualified Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Catechist.

Class Schedule

Morning preschool – 5 days a week from 8 am to 11 am

Afternoon preschool – 4 days a week from 12 pm to 3 pm (no preschool on Wednesdays)


Montessori Preschool is open to all children from ages 2 ½ to 5 years of age and potty trained.

10:1 ratio between students and teachers

Prepares students for Kindergarten

Indoor and outdoor play


Annual Classroom Activities

Pumpkin Patch

Halloween Party

Thanksgiving Feast

Christmas Program

Valentine’s Day Party

Chicks in spring

Field Day


Staff Bios