Middle School

Middle School students seeking an academic challenge in preparation for high school will find it at St. Joseph’s Catholic School. Students will focus on developing higher level thinking skills, mature writing skills, and study habits.  These skills will help them make the transition from memorizing information to using it to analyze, evaluate, draw conclusions and develop problem-solving skills. No longer self-contained, Grade 6-8 students are assigned lockers and a homeroom teacher. They will rotate through their classes meeting with numerous staff members throughout the school day. Since middle school is a time of testing limits and developing a strong moral conscience, more than academics are offered. Serving others through community service, taking part in weekly and first Friday Mass, and learning what it means to be Catholic all take place in a structured and traditional environment. Art, library studies, and physical education are offered in addition to a demanding core set of classes. An extra-curricular sports program affiliated with the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association is offered, along with participation in the state wide Science Olympiad program. We use Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Math, and Typing Agent to advance student learning on a continual basis. The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test is administered to keep track of each student’s progress in the areas of reading, language usage, and mathematics. By the end of the eighth grade year, we strive to teach the skills and lessons our students need to prepare for the math entrance exam at Tri-Cities Prep or honors classes at public high schools. Middle school students become the leaders at our school and take charge of numerous school-wide community service projects while serving as officers of student council.

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Religion Program in the Middle School

The religion curriculum for middle school students follows a sort of “cyclical” layout: all grade levels touch on many of the same basic themes of Catholic spirituality, morality and theology, but do so with increasing depth and a different overall theme each year. At the 6th grade level, the focus is on developing students’ familiarity with Scripture, especially the Old Testament.  For 7th grade, the focus shifts more to the New Testament, concentrating especially on the person and teachings of Jesus. Finally, in 8th grade, students approach various topics through the lens of Church history and ecclesiology ­ i.e., the study of what the Church is. All grades are introduced to the principles and usage of critical thinking and analysis of cultural values through the supplementary logic lessons.

Staff Bios

  • Catherine Valiant    >>

    Catherine Valiant
    Homeroom 8
    6,7, 8
    U. S. History 
    World Geography

    Catherine Valiant graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Education and she has taught at St. Joseph’s Catholic School since 2011. Prior to joining SJS, Mrs. Valiant worked for 12 years with Pacific Science Center's Science on Wheels program, bringing hands on science programs to students in all 39 counties of WA. She also taught for four years at Queen of Angels School in Port Angeles. Mrs. Valiant is thankful to teach at a catholic school where she has the freedom to incorporate God's creative hand in our Earth and Universe. Her goals are to guide students to think, question, observe and problem solve.

  • Charlotte Frankovic    >>

      Charlotte Frankovic
    Homeroom 7
    6,7, 8

    “Go out there and make a difference.”  Mrs. Frankovic

    Charlotte Frankovic graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Physical Education and minoring in History and continued her education receiving her Fifth Year Degree from MSU. She has been teaching at St. Joseph’s Catholic School since 1987. Mrs. Frankovic has been a valued member of the SJS staff giving her time in many programs, coaching several different sports and leading the way with fundraising!  In short, she does whatever needs to be done to ensure the success of our school and its students. Mrs. Frankovic chose St. Joseph’s Catholic School because it gave her the opportunity to teach the whole student and focus on what is most important – Christ and His church. “I love what we do! I love the community, the faith, and the people I work with – whether it’s the kids, families or staff.” Both of her children attended St. Joseph’s Catholic School.  She is proud to have her grandchild enrolled at SJS.

  • Michelle Lumetta    >>

    Michelle Lumetta
    Math 6, 7, 8

    Michelle Lumetta graduated from St. Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology.  She has worked for St. Joseph’s Catholic School since 2006, but her involvement with the school began in 1996 when her son started preschool.  Mrs. Lumetta has a broad background that includes working in the fields of biochemistry and chemistry research. She enjoys helping students prepare for high school math and science curriculums as a means of understanding the beautiful universe God created. St. Joseph’s Catholic School offers her the ability to express both her scientific and religious beliefs, and share these with others.

  • Angele St. Hilaire    >>

    Angele St. Hilaire
    Religion 6, 7, 8

    Angele St. Hilaire graduated summa cum laude from Franciscan University of Steubenville with a double major in Theology and Philosophy. She was accepted on full scholarship into the Ph.D. Program in Philosophy at the University of Dallas where she successfully completed a year of coursework before following her vocation to marriage in Washington state. Utilizing her theological education, Mrs. St. Hilaire has worked professionally and as a volunteer in a variety of Catholic ministries, including Middle School Religion, Young Adult Ministry, Adult Faith Formation, Religious Education, RCIA, and High School Youth Ministry, but is most alive when sharing Christ with middle school youth in the classroom environment.