Lunch Program

Hot Lunch

• Available to all students K-8th grade 5 days a week.

• Hot lunch prices as follows:

- K-3rd grade $3.25

- 4th – 8th grade $3.75

• Each family has a hot lunch account.

- Payment by check can be made to the school office.

- Payment by check, cash, Mastercard or Visa can be made at Holy Grounds Café in Dillon Hall.

- When your account is low a friendly email is sent to notify parents.

• An entrée is offered along with two sides.

- Students may choose a bagel as an option if preferred in place of the main entrée.

- Students will notify their teacher each morning if they will purchase hot lunch that day.

• A monthly hot lunch menu will be available for viewing on the SJS webpage.

• Volunteers are always needed and count towards regular family hours!

Tips for success at lunch

• For children bringing their own lunch from home please;

- Send your child with paper plates, utensils and condiments if needed.
              These are not available through the café.

- Microwaves are NOT available for warming food.

• For any concerns with allergies, a peanut free table is available.

• Water is always available to students.

• During Lent the hot lunch program will abstain from meat on Fridays.

• Milk is available for purchase through our school milk program for all students.
        Please see the school office for forms and payment.

• Interested in having lunch with your child? Notify the school office if you would like hot lunch by 9:00 am
        that day. Be sure to check in at the school office and grab a visitor’s pass before going to Dillon Hall.

Holy Grounds Café

• Open from 7 am to 1:30 pm Monday through Friday.

• Full coffee shop available to students, parents, teachers and parishioners.

• All your favorite drinks, breakfast burritos, muffins, bagels and more!

• Students may grab a treat after lunch.

• Parents can choose to send their children with extra money or set up an account at the café
        for their child to get a treat.