Kindergarten is an all-day program with 20 students maximum per classroom with a full time assistant. It is a nurturing and challenging environment for our beginning students whom begin and end their day in prayer along with weekly masses. The curriculum includes religion, reading, writing, math, social studies, science, art, computer lab, music, library and physical education. Students are exposed to a multilevel classroom, where each student feels successful at their level of learning.


Supplies List - K-5


During the year, students will focus on the following:


  • Phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension in an at level literacy program
  • Counting, measuring, sorting, place value, 2D and 3D shapes, number operations
  • Letter formation, drawing and dictating sentences
  • National holidays and well known examples from US History
  • Seasons, lifecycle of the butterfly, ladybug, plants and weather
  • Sense of God’s presence in the world around them and to appreciate their own uniqueness


Annual Classroom Activities

• 8th Grade Buddy Program

 -Pumpkin Patch visit

 -Santa Letters

 -Christmas Nativity

 -End of the year buddy picnic

• Thanksgiving Luncheon

• Teddy Bear Picnic

• Field trip to Wild Life Refuge

• Muffins with Mom

• Doughnuts with Dad


Staff Bios



  • Cherie Rockstrom    >>

    Cherie Rockstrom graduated from Carroll College in Helena Montana. She has been teaching for 20 years and began teaching at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in 1997. Her three children attended SJS and she credits their success to the foundation they acquired there. Mrs. Rockstrom believes the best thing about St. Joseph’s Catholic School is its rich tradition. She believes we are so blessed to be in a school where Jesus is a part of everything we do!  Where we can worship God, and strengthen not only our minds but our hearts as well!

  • Anna Davis    >>

    Anna Davis graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA. She attended Catholic schools from preschool through high school and strongly believes in the ability of Catholic education to cultivate compassionate, successful, and community-minded individuals. Miss Davis loves to spend time with family, hike, and play her ukulele. She feels blessed to be teaching in a school where she can share her faith and God’s love with her students!