Physical Education

The mission of the art program is to help students see that, as they are created in God’s image, they too, can create, using many different medium, and can enjoy making their lives and the world more beautiful.

The goal of our program is to provide opportunities for students in 1st through 8th grade to create, present, respond and connect to art in their everyday lives.

In weekly classes, students use a variety of medium, techniques and processes.  Each year we build on the experiences of the previous year.  They are instructed in the elements and principles of art as well as safe, proper and original uses of the medium.

Art work is displayed throughout the year at the Kennewick Irrigation Building in downtown Kennewick as well as presented at the school open house each spring.  Each class creates a special item for the Art & Wine silent auction held the first Saturday in February.


Sue Ferlan

The St. Joseph’s Catholic School library teaches skills to students beginning in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Montessori Preschool is also afforded the opportunity to check out books on a weekly basis.

Library skills include learning text features, book parts, genres and location skills in print and online. Many different books are shared and discussed; sometimes activities accompany the story being shared.

Our library has over 9300 items, many of which have been purchased from campus book fairs or donated by our school families.


Carol Hattemer received her Bachelor of Arts in Education with majors in Language Arts and Spanish, as well as a Master's degree is in Curriculum & Instruction. She has 10 years’ experience in primary education and over 24 years as a librarian/media specialist. Mrs. Hattemer has been at St. Joseph’s Catholic School for 11 years as the librarian. Her goal is to support the curriculum and develop confident, independent, life-long readers. She is proud to have her grandchild enrolled at SJS.

In music classes at St. Joseph’s Catholic School students from grades K-5 can learn to appreciate the beauty of music throughout history as well as the creative talents of many artists around the world. Particular attention is paid to the contributions of the Catholic Church to music over the centuries. The students are provided with the opportunity to learn a variety of musical concepts and to experience playing instruments such as drums, tambourines, maracas, triangles, xylophones, hand chimes and recorders (grade 4 & 5). Singing is an integral part of the curriculum often mixed with choreography. The entire school is involved with the Christmas Program where students learn and perform hymns from the Advent and Christmas seasons. Children who are able to play musical instruments are encouraged to provide musical accompaniment and the fifth grade displays their newly acquired ability to play the recorder. Children from grades 2-5 are invited to join a children's choir which provides music for selected weekend Masses. In addition each grade level is responsible for providing the music for at least one school Mass during the year. Through these varied experiences the children are given the opportunity to develop a lifelong love and appreciation of music.


Patricia Schweppe earned her Bachelor's Degree at Southern Connecticut State University and her Master's from Yale University. Her family joined the community of St. Joseph Parish in 2002 and she began teaching music in 2006 after spending two and a half years as a volunteer with the Middle School choir. All three of her children attended St. Joseph’s Catholic School and still maintain connections with the friends they made there despite the years since their graduations. Mrs. Schweppe feels truly blessed to teach a subject that helps children identify their talents and gifts and respond to the beauty of God's world. She sees St. Joseph’s Catholic School as the exemplification of the best things about a Catholic education because it is a community which encourages students to realize their full potential spiritually, academically and socially.

St. Joseph’s Catholic School is a technology-rich environment, where each piece of hardware and software serves the purpose of improving a student’s education. Online safety and responsibility is a priority at SJS and is an essential component in our technology lab curriculum.

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 develop skills through technology applications instruction in the computer lab, integrated across the curriculum within the classroom, through additional teacher scheduled time in the lab for projects and research as well as at home.  Students have weekly technology lab time to develop an understanding of digital tools and concepts including keyboarding skills, basic computer skills and functions, and how to use common software such as word processing, graphics and presentation tools.

In our middle school, technology is integrated throughout the instructional day. Students may conduct research; enrich their understanding of concepts or represent learning creatively with presentation tools. Teachers may schedule time in the computer lab for projects and research.

Opportunities to middle school students include:

• accessing electronic textbooks, syllabi and calendars

• Internet research

• note-taking, productivity

• multimedia projects

• collaboration

A robust network infrastructure provides continuous connectivity and access to local and internet resources across the entire campus. Each classroom and common area in the Middle School is equipped with a data projector and a sound system, which can display media from a variety of sources. All staff also has their own personal laptops with which to lead the computer-based instruction and provide online classroom resources.

The Physical Education program at St. Joseph’s Catholic School is designed to foster growth within the mind, body and spirit of each student with an emphasis on his or her relationship with God.

The mission of Physical Education is to empower all students to sustain regular, lifelong physical activity in order to accomplish individual goals within the framework of team participation.

We, as St. Joseph’s Catholic School educators, are committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment that is active, caring and supportive of all students, and one that challenges them to continue using their Catholic teachings to become successful adults.

Kindergarten through 3rd grade

• Motor skills

• Body awareness/Spatial Awareness

• Game play and sportsmanship

• Rhythmic Manipulative Movements


4th through 8th grade

Students will be exposed to a variety of sports beginning in 4th grade. They will have the opportunity to participate in the following 6 week units:

• Soccer

• Volleyball

• Basketball

• Indoor flag football

• Hockey

• Badminton

• Softball

• Health unit/Understanding the human body


Annual Activities

• All Christian Track meet (5th through 8th grade)

• Ballroom Dance (8th grade)



Jack Aitoro attended San Diego Mesa College. He joined St. Joseph’s Catholic School in 2006 and not only is he in charge of our excellent Physical Education program, but he is also our Athletics Director. A student’s time in physical education always begins with a pre-P.E. prayer.  Mr. Aitoro enjoys the interaction with parents. It gives him the ability to communicate and receive great feedback, soon giving the sense of being close like family.