8th Grade

During the year, students will focus on the following:

  • Pre-algebra, Honor’s Algebra 1 or Honor’s Geometry based on students’ individual level.
  • Properties of Matter, Interactions of Waves, Sound and Light, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, Form and Function of Human Anatomy, including Health, Nutrition and Human Reproduction integrated with "Theology of the Body" curriculum in Religion.
  • Students learn writing skills through both short- and long-term projects. Writing, editing, and proof reading are all skills developed in English, preparing our students for writing in high school.
  • Literature novel units studied are: Fahrenheit 451, The Giver, and To Kill a Mockingbird with individual and group projects playing an integral role in developing thinking individuals: Great Thinker Research Project with Power Point presentation, and Social Issues research and presentation. Covers the elements of story: plot and setting, character, theme and conflict, narrator and voice. Vocabulary  lessons  build students’  individual word skills  as well as their  understanding  of nuances  of  meaning, idioms, and other  types of  figurative  language.
  • U.S. History: American Revolution and Civil War Reconstruction, Constitution and Amendments, and Branches of Government.
  • History of the Catholic Church and the Saints.

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Annual Classroom Events

• Kindergarten Buddies

• Rock-a-thon

• Grandparent’s Luncheon

• 8th Grade Retreat

• Graduation with Silverwood Field Trip


Staff Bios



  • Catherine Valiant    >>

    Catherine Valiant graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Education and she has taught at St. Joseph’s Catholic School since 2011. Prior to joining SJS, Mrs. Valiant worked for 12 years with Pacific Science Center's Science on Wheels program, bringing hands on science programs to students in all 39 counties of WA. She also taught for four years at Queen of Angels School in Port Angeles. Mrs. Valiant is thankful to teach at a catholic school where she has the freedom to incorporate God's creative hand in our Earth and Universe. Her goals are to guide students to think, question, observe and problem solve.

    Catherine Valiant
    Homeroom 8
    6,7, 8
    U. S. History 
    World Geography