5th Grade

In fifth grade, the emphasis is to be the bridge between elementary and middle school. Students strive to develop strong study skills and individual responsibility. They will also continue to strengthen academic skills and encourage personal growth reflecting “we are the Body of Christ.”

Supplies List - K-5

During the year, students will focus on the following:

  • Study of the sacraments, living as Christians and using the Bible
  • 4 digits by 3 digit multiplication, long division, fractions, decimals
  • Parts of speech, mechanics of writing
  • Vocabulary development, exposure to different literature genres, application of reading strategies (cause effect, use of graphic organizers, etc.) cross curriculum
  • Ecosystems, life science, earth science, physical science
  • U.S. history


Annual Classroom Activities

• Present Stations of the Cross

• Attend the Nutcracker Ballet

• Attend the Farm Fair

• Build ecocolumns


Staff Bio

  • Madeleine Tomich   >>

    Madeleine Tomich grew up outside of Portland, Oregon, where she was blessed to attend the same Catholic school for 12 years. She attended Seattle University, where she received her Bachelor in Humanities for Teaching. After graduating, she moved to rural eastern Montana through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest. She served for two years at Pretty Eagle Catholic School, teaching the second grade class in her second year of service. She is excited to teach fifth grade at St. Joseph Catholic School this year. While she is teaching, she will be working toward her Master of Arts in Teaching through the University of Portland. She is a part of the Pacific Alliance of Catholic Education (PACE) program through the university. She looks forward to engaging in the community, building relationships with students, and participating in learning for and with her students.