4th Grade

In fourth grade our focus is to become more aware of our place in the world around us. We strive to become more independent and responsible both academically and socially.

Supplies List - K-5

During the year, students will focus on the following:

  • Place value, multi-digit numbers, problem solving, multiplication and division of single and multiple numbers, and fractions
  • Character, setting, and plot; main idea and details; fact and opinion; cause and effect; author’s purpose, fluency, vocabulary and increased reading ability
  • Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes
  • Grammar (nouns, verbs, etc.); usage (how each is used); mechanics of writing (punctuation, indentation, etc.); and vocabulary (synonyms, antonyms, homophones)
  • Our Country and its Regions
  • Motion and Design; Electric Circuits


Annual Classroom Activities

• Heritage Project

• Santa Suit Project



  • Angela Borlaug    >>

    Angela M. Borlaug received her B.S. Degree in Elementary Education from Moorhead State University, MN with a minor in Developmental and Corrective Reading. With multiple years of elementary teaching and catechist experience, Mrs. Borlaug began at St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Kennewick in 2014. Mrs. Borlaug values Catholic Education because it is committed to the development of the whole child; spiritual, intellectual, social, and emotional. The small class size at St. Joseph's allows her to give individual attention to her student’s needs. She values the opportunity to work with St. Joseph’s Catholic School parents that are invested in their child’s education and view the school as an extension of their family. Mrs. Borlaug is proud to be an educator at St. Joseph’s Catholic School because it provides a safe environment, emotionally and physically, and has caring educators and assistant teachers that truly have each child’s best interest in mind.