3rd Grade

In third grade, students take a more active role in their learning and faith. They are encouraged to lead others through interaction and by example. Students are asked to stretch to meet new goals daily, and develop new skills to enhance learning for years to come.

Supplies List - K-5

During the year, students will focus on the following:

  • Basic multiplication and division facts, measurements
  • Reading and writing strategies that cross curriculum
  • Varied writing techniques including cursive handwriting
  • Rocks & minerals, plant growth & objects in the sky
  • City government and map skills
  • Study of sacraments, prayers and Saints


Annual Classroom Events

• All Saints Day project presentation and lead school-wide mass

• Pumpkin Patch with older grade buddies

• Attend ACT performances

• ᅠField Trip to planetarium


Staff Bio


  • Angela Fiecke    >>

    Angela Fiecke graduated from Washington State University in 2003 with a degree in Elementary Education.  She spent time teaching in Tacoma before moving to Kennewick. Mrs. Fiecke began teaching full time at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in 2014. She is delighted to be teaching at SJS because of the commitment to values, dedication of staff, and close community. Mrs. Fiecke chooses SJS for her children’s education.