1st Grade

First grade is a year of growth for a child.  Children will be learning to read, write, add and subtract.  They will be learning that God is our creator who made us in his image.

During the year, students will focus on the following:

  • K-2 reading block that will allow students to use their phonics skills to put sounds together to make words, gain fluency to aid in comprehension, at their instructional level.
  • Parts of speech and writing a sentence
  • Addition and subtraction, time, money, place value and Accelerated Math
  • Families, communities, Scholastic News and Junior Achievement
  • Plants and organisms (living things)
  • Daily Devotional Passage, Feast days and Holy days of obligation and recite prayers


Annual Classroom Events

• Pumpkin Patch

• Attend ACT performances

• Lead the entire school at one or more events.


Staff Bio

  • Windy Negrete    >>

    Windy Negrete graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2003 with a BA in Elementary Education. She has received endorsements in Reading and Library Media. In 2010 Mrs. Negrete received her MA in Education from Heritage University. She began working at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in 2006 teaching a variety of subjects. The best thing that she likes about SJS is the feeling of family. Just as family can help a person get through life and life’s challenges, so does the SJS Family. Mrs. Negrete is a St. Joseph’s Catholic School alumni and she chooses SJS for her children’s education.